Friday, December 08, 2006


Well it’s been about two months since the last post so let’s see if I can get you all up to date. Well the big news is that Group 77 arrived shortly after my last post and now are done with training they officially became volunteers the 13th. They are teachers mostly in IT but a few other subjects as well. There are 16 in the new group four of which will be coming to Savai'i. And with new volunteers swearing in it means that old volunteers are closing out their service here in Samoa. As a trainee you see the cycle a little but as a volunteer you interact much more with the other groups and it is sad to see them go. But that is the cycle and it really adds an interesting dynamic to Peace Corps service. The fact that Samoa is a small country with a fairly small number of PCVs probably allows us to see each other more often and develop those relationships. So good luck to all that are heading into their next stage. There was a great time at Halloween (costumes will probably ruin future political careers) but I was sick during the Thanksgiving get together. I managed to force down a couple pieces of turkey since it will probably be the turkey other than the tail that I will see until next year. And if you are wondering "what do you mean turkeys have a tail you can eat?" I would say no they have a ball of fat from the tail region (that is shipped to Samoa I'm guessing because it is cheaper than sending it to a landfill) that may contain two very small bites of meat if you work for them. I chose not to bother.

In other news went on a few more hiking expeditions. A few weeks back into the same area we went last time with Vik, John and Dane. The waterfalls weren't running this time but we had some fun hiking around in the woods. Last Sunday ten of us also went to Lake Lanotoo. We started the hike with a down pour that got us soaking wet and made the trail a slip ‘n slide. The trail was mainly red clay that we ended up covered in. The lake is in a crater and is full of goldfish that come up and nibble on toes. It was great to swim in freshwater and made for a real nice day.

Also had a craft day in the trainees village, Maasina, was a great village very beautiful. It was put on by a NGO Avanoa Tutusa that I have been working with as a secondary project. In other news my folks and sister come on the 27th so I am definitely looking forward to that. Hope all is well at home with the upcoming holiday season.
Peace & hope you enjoy the pics below

Hanging out with Julya at Halloween.

Vik, Dane and John on our Savai'i adventure

Crafts day in Ma'asina.

The bay in Maasina.

Dane, Robert & John on the Lake Lanotoo hike.

Lafi at Lanotoo