Saturday, July 29, 2006


I just a short post the internet is not at it's best today. We are in Apia for the weekend and then head to our sites monday for the week. I am going to Falelima a village on the west coast of Savai'i which I am very excited about. They have some construction and water projects proposed. Hope all is well.


Blogger Mike Sheppard said...


I just came across your journal about your adventures in Samoa. I added a link to your page to a database I collected of Peace Corps Journals and blogs:

Worldwide PC Blog Directory:

1. Contains over 1,500 journals and blogs from Peace Corps Volunteers serving around the world.
2. Each country has its own detailed page, which is easily accessible with a possible slow Internet connection within the field.
3. The map for every country becomes interactive, via Google, once clicked on.
4. Contact information for every Peace Corps staff member worldwide.
5. Official rules and regulations for current PCV online Journals and blogs. Those rules were acquired from Peace Corps Headquarters using the Freedom of Information Act.
6. Links to Graduate School Programs affiliated with Peace Corps, along with RPCVs Regional Associations.

There is also an e-mail link on every page. If you want to add a journal, spotted a dead link, or have a comment.

Thanks for volunteering with the Peace Corps!

-Mike Sheppard
RPCV / The Gambia

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Blogger Sharon said...

Malo Tim!

I found your blog through google. I am about to join the Peace Corps in Moldova, however, I spent a semester abroad in Samoa and was amazed by the culture and the lifestyle... and i was longing for it, a lot. It sounds like you are having a great time. Make sure you go to sliding rock and the pools over by the seminary (i can't remember what its called). I spent time living with a family in Lotofaga, which is on Upolu about an hour bus ride from Apia.

Fa Soifua,

1:43 PM  

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